Since its beginnings, Adfast has developed high-tech products. Our company has constantly invested in its research and development department. It is crucial for us. Our chemists have access to the highest quality equipment.

Our Conformity Assessment Laboratory

Adfast’s conformity assessment laboratory meets the international ISO/IEC 17025 standards. This norm is applied in independent calibration and testing laboratories meeting the industry standards for system management of quality, as well as administrative and technical processes.

Several tests can be conducted in our laboratories, and a written report is delivered and signed by an expert chemist. To test products and substrates, we have several tools.

Saline mist machine

The Saline Mist Machine allows to test accelerate corrosion on metallic surfaces, with or without temporary or permanent coating. There are norms to define methods to test cell corrosiveness.

QUV machine

QUV machine allows to accelerate aging by reproducing, in few days or weeks, damages caused by sun, rain and dew.

TABER Circular Abrasion Tester :

TABER Abrasion Tester allows to test accelerate abrasion on several material. The sampling is fixed on a plate horizontally rotating, and then compressed by two grinding wheels with articulated arms and an adjustable charge.

Dual Column Traction:

The Dual Column traction machine is conceived for traction, compression, peeling, flexion and other tests for charges up to 30kN.

Those ASTM tests can be conducted in our laboratory:

Other tests that can be conducted in our laboratory.

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